We are excited to announce the NCCA EngAGE project with State Arts Agencies is going live!

The NCCA ENGAGE Initiative Field Guide harnesses the expertise, constituencies, resources, and creative spirit of State Arts Agencies (SAA) across the nation to build capacity that supports creative aging initiatives in their states.

This interactive site links you to model programs and initiatives, research and best practice models, and funding and resources that highlight creative aging and innovation and impact in this dynamic constellation of State Arts Agencies.

The National Center for Creative Aging celebrates this collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts, supported in part by Aroha Philanthropies, as we build a world where every flourishes across the lifespan through creative expression. Now have fun, explore, collaborate, and create!

About EngAGE Communities of Practice

Currently 39 States and the District of Columbia have aligned with the NCCA ENGAGE Communities of Practice initiative. The Initiative sets a goal of including all 50 states and territories by 2018.