About the NCCA Communities of Practice Initiative 



The Community of Practice Initiative, designed by the National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA) and in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Office of Accessibility is the first-of-its-kind community of practice initiative to support state arts agencies (SAAs) in developing infrastructure and programming in arts, health, and aging in their state. Aimed at addressing the growing population of aging adults, this program is meant to support and empower arts agencies in creating infrastructure designed to help people creatively flourish across their lifespan.


“Being a part of this initiative allows SAAs to declare creative aging a priority for the agency, access financial resources that support their efforts, partner with strong national and peer organizations, and connect with a large pool of resources.”

– Catherine Lavenburg, North Carolina Arts Council

The potential impact of the Initiative has been immense. It has allowed the NCCA to establish a nation-wide community of practice that has helped to grow the creative aging field. Not only has it been instrumental in helping strengthen State Arts Agencies, it has also increased the knowledge base of creative aging activities, programs, and practices across the nation.  

Special thanks to the National Assembly for State Arts Agencies (NASSA) for assisting the NCCA throughout this initiative. 


To learn more or find out how your state can become involved:

Contact: Jennie Smith-Peers | info@CreativeAging.org
NEA Contact: Beth Bienvenu | BienvenuB@arts.gov

Regardless of your funding interests, older adults are increasingly relevant to your work as funders. The “graying” of America promises dramatic change in every aspect of American life and across the spectrum of your funding interests, whether it be the arts, environment, health, neighborhoods, social services, education, or children, youth and families.”

– Grantmakers in Aging